wes anderson color palette | fantastic mr. fox palette is kinda nice.

Castello Cavalcanti Wedding color inspiration from Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson - Paleta de colores utilizadas en sus películas. • Me gusta mucho la combinación de colores y tonos que utiliza; genera un ambiente muy cálido en las diferentes escenas.

29 - Wes Andersons unique films inspire me in the videos and art i create

Mi amor por Wes Anderson ya sobrepasa los niveles de la realidad. ❤️

Wes Anderson movies have some of my favorite cinematography.

Original Artwork by Jordan Bolton. Flat Lay é tendência e Wes Anderson sabe disso! | Veja mais sobre o diretor e seus filmes em cantodosclassicos.com

The Royal Tenenbaums Poster, Original Artwork by Jordan Bolton, // Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson playlist [Nice playlist - although I would add Scott Walker's 30 Century Man from The Life Aquatic!]

The Grand Cussing Wes Anderson Birthday Party

Home vibes playlist idea Wes Anderson playlist [Nice playlist - although I would add Scott Walker's 30 Century Man from The Life Aquatic!

Décor inspiration from iconic film maker, Wes Anderson

How to Decorate Like Wes Anderson

We are after Wes Anderson vibe!

Wes Anderson character pattern

The road Wes traveled.

Moonrise Kingdom | I love the way Wes Anderson directs scenes into these still version of a modern fairy tale. I think his movies have a dream-like and somewhat absurd feel to them, which I enjoy. But I know it’s not everyone’s piece of cake (my sister turned off the movie after 2 minutes). Expect a collection of boy scouts, a juvenile love story, running away from home and the occasional dark sense of humour. The apathy, weirdness and the awkwardness make this into a warm and hilarious…

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson 2012 Film I want to see!

Music is a huge part of Anderson's film. This article explains some of the commons bands Anderson uses (think British Invasion) and even assembled a playlist.

The Sounds of Wes Anderson

Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum in Wes Anderson’s 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums

I've put together a list of titles for fans of the quirky world of Wes Anderson.

Ten Books for Readers Who Like Wes Anderson

lawrencepubliclibrary:Find books for fans of Wes Anderson at River City Reading!

The Interiors of Wes Anderson. "Design Bible Apartamento Roams Through the World of the Hollywood Auteur. “You could compare Wes Anderson to an interior decorator,” says Apartamento’s Editor-in-Chief Marco Velardi."

The Interiors of Wes Anderson

Natalie Portman in ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ directed by Wes Anderson Hotel Chevalier a short film

Stadt-Bad Gotha in Gotha, Germany - Wes Anderson Color Palette

People Are Sharing Photos of Real-Life Places That Belong in a Wes Anderson Film

Image 12 of 25 from gallery of Swimming-Hall in Gotha / Veauthier Meyer Architekten. Photograph by Klemens Ortmeyer

spot on identifying these... Wes Anderson' Color Palettes from each of his movies. He designs the clothes the decor etc..

27 Simply Lovely Wes Anderson-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Wes Anderson Color Palette-I love the quirkiness and colors of Wes Anderson movies.

Mashable did a great job in breaking down some of the common tropes in Anderson's film with this funny graphic. The common threads in his films are often used as the butt of several jokes.

Oscar-nominated films perfectly explained in graphs

would add memorable mustaches.

Suzy Bishop’s essentials from Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom - Directed by Wes Anderson


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