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i've loved Willa Holland ever since she played Kaitlin Cooper on The OC. #cutiepie

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leather jacket / Willa Holland as Emma Albright

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((Willa Holland. I saw all the arrow characters and I had too. )) Hello I'm Thea. WIP

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Willa Holland

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willa holland bob

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This HAIR short cropped haircut More

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{FC: Willa Holland} Hello, I'm Sydney Maximoff. Call me Sid. I'm 16 years old. I'm the daughter of Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch. I have the same powers as my mother; telekinesis and the ability to manipulate minds and probabilities. My father died before I was born so my mother and I use her maiden name. I grew up in America so I don't have my mothers accent, but when I get angry I do. Unlike my mother, my mist is gold. I'm very quiet. I love to read and draw. I can be very…

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Willa Holland

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Willa Holland and Stephen Amell

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Theodosia Pym, the tinkerer of the Imperium. She comes from a well off family, and made a name for herself as a cunning weapons designer who cares only for herself and her brother Oliver. As much as prefers to be by herself she was moved to the heart of the city, where her designs could be monitored and she could easily be married off. Though her last 'suitor' mysteriously ended up with a broken leg, which she blames on a faulty spring in one of her trial projects.

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