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How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home

Roman Blinds are a great option for window dressings - My Top 10 Favourite looks are in my blog post

Roman Blinds - My Top 10 Favourites

I really do like a window finished with a Roman blind and it is without doubt one of my favourite ways to dress a window. The appeal for me is that Roman blinds

Goblet curtain header

How to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive (without spending a fortune!)

TUTORIAL: outdoorsy window dressing using shelf brackets, twigs, twine, landscape burlap, oak leaves and a nest

Nesting & Window Dressing

Dishfunctional Designs: Beautiful Bohemian Beaded Curtains

DIY - Beaded curtains - Strands of colored beads can be used to soften a stark window, rather than to provide warmth or protect privacy. Adding beads to your window automatically creates a bohemian feel and vibe to your room.