no two zebras have the same stripes. The use of a zebra's pattern is used for camouflage, to protect it from predators.

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Africa, South Luangwa National Park. Common or Burchell's Zebra foal. A race or sub-species known as Crawshay's Zebra, which lacks the shadow stipes of other southen African zebras.

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Adorable soft quivering muzzle and furry alert ears on this zebra. Jeremy Paul ACRYLIC

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Zebra in Kruger National Park, South Africa♥ For classic jewelry: #bluedivagal

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Me and Celia...Although, to be honest, I hope she isn't a zebra. I don't want her to deal with this syndrome too :(

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How can anyone look at such a beautiful creature in its eyes and not care for it ?!

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31 Super Happy Animals That Will Leave You Smiling

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...and when God made the Zebra ~ He smiled. Zebra heads by Ryan Jack

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Any other new zebra's out there who want to have some fun chatting.... I'm here if you need a friend...

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