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Legendary Bands: 32 More Facts - Part 2
01. Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It" caused a speaker to catch on fire during its recording.
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Exploring DC Universe: 64 Facts About Its Films & Comics
01. In 1978, DC Comics released a Superman Comic in which he teamed up with Muhammad Ali to defeat an alien invasion.
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25 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Nikola Tesla
01. Nikola Tesla became interested in electricity after his cat gave him an electric shock.
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43 Stunning Facts About Famous Hollywood Actors – Part 6
01. Tom Cruise split with all 3 of his wives when they were 33.
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42 Pretty Hot Facts About Popular Actors – Part 5
01. In 1975, Al Pacino was offered the role of Han Solo in the film Star Wars, but he refused the role because “The script was too confusing.”
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47 Major Facts About Engineers That’ll Pleasantly Surprise You
01. In 2003, Bruce Simpson designed a $5,000 cruise missile using off the shelf parts sourced from the Internet. Despite being entirely legal, his project was shut down by the government.
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15 Never Before Noticed Easter Eggs in Movies – Part 3
01. In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you can see the PS4's version of the Spider-Man costume in the background.
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23 Amusing Facts About SNL You Didn’t Know
01. In a 1982 SNL routine, Eddie Murphy had the audience call in to decide if 'Larry The Lobster' would live or be boiled on live TV.
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44 Clever Movie Details That No One Noticed – Part 3
01. In Iron Man 2 when War Machines armor is compromised the language in the suit changes to Russian. #moviedetails #movies #films #popular #famous #celebrity #interesting #fascinating #bts #behindthescenes
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Hidden Horrors: 40 Unveiling Shocking Stigmas Worldwide
01. Unmarried women in their late 20s were stigmatized in Japan as "Christmas Cakes" because they were seen as undesirable after the 25th. #women #female #woman #stigma #japan #girl #female #marriage #asian #christmas #xmas #newyear
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45 NASA’s Contributions to Human Spaceflight
01. Back in 2006, NASA's Earth observation satellites uncovered Mayan ruins that had become overgrown by jungle and weren't visible. #space #science #knowledge #education #technology #nasa #aliens #area51 #didyouknow #interesting
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45 Fascinating Facts About John Lennon
01. John Lennon wanted to include Jesus, Hitler, and Gandhi in the Sgt. Peppers cover but the idea was rejected by the record label head. #beatles #popular #famous #celebrity #classic #band #singer #johnlennon
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35 Fascinating Facts About Hollywood Film Studios
01. In 1937, MGM covered up the brutal rape of dancer Patricia Douglas and ruined her reputation and her life. #movies #films #hollywood #popular #famous #celebrity #women #female #woman #girl
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40 Rock ‘n’ Roll Reign Facts of Elvis Presley
01. Elvis Presley received many death threats. Once he went on stage with two guns, hidden in his right boot and waistband. Once he even used his karate skills to eject an invader off the stage. #popular #famous #celebrity #singer #hollywood #history #classic
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Inside the Life of Charlie Chaplin: 30 Revealing Facts
01. Charlie Chaplin was married 4 times and had 11 children, 8 of whom with his 4th wife (Oona Chaplin). #women #female #popular #famous #celebrity #charliechaplin