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The Plasmyr Tank is a gigantic hover tank that also has the ability to traverse on water at high speeds. The turret that has been attached here is known as the Plasmyr cannon, which fires sup.

I would so love to introduce this awesome weapon to you! I created this model while designing something bigger, which is known as the Stinger Light Railgun Emplacement (FULL HD)

This is part of a much larger artwork known as the Atlantis Dreadnought. A silhouette of the ship has been uploaded into this infographic. Stay tuned to my artworks if you wanna see the full .

Weapons, Weapons Guns, Weapon, Guns, Gun, Firearms

Weapons, Weapons Guns, Weapon, Guns, Gun, Firearms

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Character Turnarounds - Community Content - Turtle Rock | Evolve Forums

Because I'm a fan of organization, and that Cosplay/Fanart thread is HUGE, I've compiled all the turnarounds and detail shots for the characters in the game. I'll add to this post as the other characters get posted.

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earth einhander gun mecha no humans space space craft starfighter takimoyo (pixiv) takimoyo (soushokujuu) weapon - Image View -