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An artist's conception of a free-floating brown dwarf, or failed star.

The best look yet at mysterious brown dwarfs, strange cosmic oddities that blur the lines between stars and planets, now has revealed just how large and cold they really are. The weird 'failed stars' only get as hot as a kitchen oven.

A stunning view from the Atacama region of Chile, taken from a time-lapse video created by Nicholas Buer.

The pristine night sky — chock full of gleaming stars and awe-inspiring views of our Milky Way galaxy — comes to life in a magnificent time-lapse video shot from northern Chile.

Volcano eruption from the Moon.

"volcano, seen from space" actually a digital wallpaper, perhaps created by HolyMan. The Earth does not appear this big when seen fro the moon, nor can you see giant sparks the size of asteroids shooting from most volcanoes.