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Negative space done right

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs By Shawn Ramsey in Inspiration Fuente Citar: Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big

Logos. Good logos.

Hidden message within your logo will not only “grab” viewer’s attention, but at the same time it’ll tell a lot about the company. Take a look at these 30 clever examples of negative space logos to see what we mean!


Slice makes it slicing and dicing products out of ceramics. Logo and packaging design by San Francisco-based Manual

Chair logo

The type of this text choose a little different. The "h" is change to a chair like design. Of course this makes a very well logotype.

:-) #logo

I love the way Batman's mask is incorporated into the M. The large, bold letters and dark background feel appropriately sudden and mysterious. The little Batman mask melds right into the rest of the darkness (He is the night).