Fahrizal Prabowo

Fahrizal Prabowo

Fahrizal Prabowo
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13 Incredible Ways To Decorate With Books...love the use of the empty stair space for a unique book shelf area.

Love this idea. Wish I had a staircase space for it, but I'd still love to use some of these design ideas for our built-in in the dining room. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year, 2012

I would love to get rid of the book cases in the rumpus room and have one or two of these. mmm maybe one for the big kids and one for the little ones

Built in tree book shelf - Inspiration Only but this is gorgeous. I so want this in my next home. There is also another tree on my project board I want to put in the same room as this. This would be great for a kid& room.

Do you want to learn more about Islam but don't know how? Here's some tips -

Do you want to learn more about Islam but don't know how? and actually learn islam TRULY as it is!

You realize how much you truly miss someone when something happens, good or bad, and the only person you want to tell is the one person who isn't there.

so true, I miss my Mom & Dad so much. I often want to tell them something and feel my heart breaking all over again when I realize I can't just call them or go see them to share the news.