Fairuz Nabilah

Fairuz Nabilah

Do you understand it now ? Do you see through my heart now ? The love that comes silently Did you... did you hear it now ?
Fairuz Nabilah
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GFRIEND - Summer Rain(여름비) Cover by Fainabilah by fainabilah on SoundCloud

"Rainbow" is the mini album aepackage recorded by South Korean girl group GFriend (여자친구). It was released on September 2017 by Source Music.

Do's and Don'ts Regarding Your Wedding Makeup

The prettiest finish for lips this season is a beautiful stain of colour that's moist yet matte. Getting the perfect look is all about technique and expert product layering. Outline lips in a pinky nu

ᏋᎯᏒᎢᏥ ᎯᏀᏋ-incredible work by Anne Sofie Madsen. i am blown away by the architectural meets organic details and forms. these works are from Anne's Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection entitled Sedna. Inspired by the Inuit goddess of the underworld, Sedna, was half skeleton, half human. said the blogger

Anne Sofie Madsen this time takes inspiration from Sedna; the half skeleton and half human Inuit goddess of the underworld. The horror of Sedna is a tragic