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Looking for inspiration pics for Ussim Avir Ghisla. Ussim has violet skin, blue hair (not this pale) and wholly black eyes. But he's part human and has many human features. Mabi:: Hillwen Gijinka by CookieHana on DeviantArt

Illustration showing how to draw fabric folds and drape. Drawing folds and wrinkles in fabric is hard - this image shows how do it right.

Drawing proper folds is probably one of the hardest things to constantly do right. Yet it is very important for the dynamic feel of a drawing. - Clothing and Folds Tutorial…

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Name: Han Sayake Height: Weight: 128 Occupation: college student;riding on a track scholarship Facts: sayake is the child of Han Jumin. Her mother is unknown. She has devoted her life to sports, and is very determined to become a track star.