— she wrote in blood. far cry v.

— from whom earth and heaven fled. // lyra fairbanks-seed.
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beautiful & bad.

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i. born feral.

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ii. bad seed rising.

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iii. bloodflood.

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iv. heaven’s gate.

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v. divine violence.

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vi. the world ender.

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vii. we will rise again.

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x john.

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x wes.

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a man with tattoos on his arm holding onto another person's leg and hand
Blood, Cry
a black and white photo of a woman standing next to a tree
an artistic painting of a woman with her hands clasped to her chest, in black and white
a black and white photo of a statue
red apples are scattered on the ground
an old church in the woods with trees around it and a steeple on top
an angel statue with its wings spread in front of a gray sky and white background
a ghostly figure standing in the middle of a forest
there is a cross and two white doves
a person standing in front of a body of water wearing a hooded jacket and holding a book
an angel statue with red leaves in the background
two skeletons hugging each other in front of a black and white background with the caption's name on it
a black and white photo of a woman's back
the reflection of a woman in water with lily pads on it's surface is shown