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Winter's Sun Palace Minecraft Project

Hey After such a long time of inactivity I have made a new project This is my first megabuild and I hope you guys like it as much as I've enjoyed making it.

Moon Spawner - Notux

Moon Spawner Rendered in Here is my new dragon I made used voxelsniper to make the terrain around it and made the dragon by hand.

Alayna - 24 Hour Plot Build Off [Timelapse] Minecraft Project

Meester again with another poject this time a 24 hour plot buildoff This was built over 24 hours obviously hence some unfinished stuff.

Xephira - Hydraxus

Project Directed By Hydraxus Structural Builders Hydraxus Zortron Tigano Meester Curly Prolethium KoDang Silentnoises Organic Builders Hydraxus Cakeicing.