Delicious #Coconut drinks! :) #Fiji

Fiji Wedding by Feather + Stone

Hibiscus wedding inspiration in a palette of vibrant pink, blue, and sand for a tropical beach wedding with a chic and relaxed twist!

Rootbeer!!! A Rootbeer Float. Photo by Maddie Dierkes

A Rootbeer! A Rootbeer Float.made with real vanilla ice cream! They even gave free miniature mugs of rootbeer to the kids.

Dendeng Balado (Crispy Fried Beef With Chili)

Dendeng Balado (Crispy Fried Beef With Chili), West Sumatra Cuisine, Indonesia

Pempek PaLembang

Pempek or mpek-mpek is kind of fishcake from Palembang, Indonesia. Made of fish and tapioca, served with yellow noodle, kuah cuko (vinegar sauce) and sometimes hot chilli sauce. It can be made into variant shape or form.



Sate kambing!

There are at least 27 spices are kept at least overnight to get a sense of satay lamb that tastes really awesome .

Karedok (raw vegetable with peanut sauce)

Karedok (raw vegetable with peanut sauce) - indonesian food

Sushi and Sashimi

HUTONG Sushi Grill is a Japanese restaurant dining and carryout to La Vista, Nebraska. Hutong Sushi Grill is a cornerstone in the La Vista community and has been recognized for its outstanding Japanese & Asian cuisine, excellent service and friendl

Natek naroyamek kane tengab....

Natek naroyamek kane tengab....