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the printable instructions for how to make paper napkins
Free Bullet Journal Printables | Customize Online for Any Planner Size
an open notebook with writing on it and the words me in 500 words or less
pepper and twine
the movies i've watched sticker sheet is sitting on top of a table
FREE Movie Tracker Printable: Film Reels | Tracking Films You’ve Watched in Your Bullet Journal
an open book with the words books to read written on it, sitting on top of a marble surface
8 Creative Ways to Track Books in Your Bullet Journal
a hand is holding an open notebook with the word december written in cursive writing
I messed up on the first page of my first ever bullet journal.
an open notebook with pictures and words on the pages that spell out playlists
four different colored tickets with the word ticket on them
Bright Colors Tickets Mini Accents