Indonesian food... "nasi goreng"  yuummmmiii....

Nasi Goreng Daging

Indonesian meatballs. Street food.

What is it: Indonesian meatball soup.Conclusion: The best Afternoon food in Indonesia

Ayam Penyet Recipe (Indonesian Smashed Fried Chicken) ~ Singapore Food | Recipes

Ayam penyet is an Indonesian dish fried chicken, lightly smashed, normaly served with rice, raw salad as a side dish, super hot sambal.

Indonesian food called Surabi.....made of glutinous rice flour and coconut milk...roasted in clay scafold pot...ha ha ha ....

Serabi or Surabi is an Indonesian pancake, usually served with various toppings. Sweet or salty, you choose it!

sayur asem very indonesian it <3

Sayur Asem, spicy (of chilly) and sour (of tamarind) mix vegetables soup - Indonesian Food

Iga Penyet (Indonesian Food)

Iga Penyet - Indonesian smashed grill ribs over chili sauce