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Opening of the single art exhibition on Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua

The opening of the exhibition on blog and visual art of Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua was conducted at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta in May 21. It was openned by Pak Bernie Adeney-Risakotta who is my husband.
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..the first painting on sand with the background on people..until the end of the exhibition there were about 700 guests visited the exhibition and more than 700.000 users on Facebook have seen the posting from the exhibiton.


Children from Pondok Tali Rasa are dancing titled Payung Merah Putih (Umbrella of red white which is the color of Indonesian flag).

..some people wonder about how could the idea of this art wire titled "Bird case of regulation"..

...guests examined the paintings which are the vizual art of my poems..

..the Papua's friends received my explanation about the art wire titled the Instalation of Democracy..

...After the opening, pak Bernie welcomed all friends and guests into the exhibition hall..

..the people who attended the opening of the exhibition..

..Pak Bernie gave his speeach and opening the exhibition..

...many guests came out with new idea about the exhibition on four types of messages to be delivered which are the art wire on 11 satire of national law, the 11 of paintings, the 11 of photographs of peace and the 11 of posters on articles..The total of the art work presented on the exhibition was 44 pieces.. Yuli as the MC, was calling the names of people who received the two books..