Secrets Behind Praying on Time

Secrets Behind Praying on Time - Interesting, but there is no references about the explanation with the energies so . maybe should check the website. Not sure about this but sounds interesting no harm in pinning lol

Islamic Online University Blog | FAST CURE FOR DEPRESSION

"Fast" (as in fasting, not fast quick :D) Cure for Depression by Dr Bilal Philips of Islamic Online University. ~ In sha Allah it works when one wants it to, and do it (successfully) with Allah's Grace & Mercy & Help.


heaven and earth, nature, mystical alaska aurora- spent some time in alaska but never saw this. Definitely on my bucket list :)


Before going to bed, cute learning way ^.^ Thank you Jazak allah khairan♥️

Islam - About eating

Muslim Anatomy - Tummy One third for food One third for drink One third for breath


Islam and all it's beautiful colours. Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim, by One Chinese Muslimah---I'm American & I am a Muslim---What are you? --- I'm Indonesian and I'm a proud Muslimah ^^

Prophet Muhammad SAW said.. #المولد_النبوي #ﷺ

Abu Huraira reported it was said to Allah's Messenger (PBUH): Invoke curse upon the polytheists, whereupon he said: I have not been sent as the invoker of curse, but" I have been sent as mercy.

Islamic Daily: Rely

Indeed, one should thank Allah who has made them Muslim, and for guiding them to…