Pisang Goreng – Indonesian Fried Banana

Pisang goreng is popular eaten as snack, breakfast item, or pretty much anytime of the day. It is more traditional to use pisang kepok, but regular banana (like the one in picture) …

Pandan Steamed Cake    *makes about 15 small cakes    250g self-raising flour   1/2tsp baking powder  150g caster sugar (can be reduced further)  1 egg, lightly beaten  200ml pandan water (blend 6pcs pandan leaves with water)  45g corn oil    1. Mix self-raising flour and baking powder, set aside.  2. Whisk sugar and pandan water 3. Add in egg and corn oil, stir to mix well.  4. Add in flour and stir to combine.  5. Pour into prepared cupcake liners.  6. Steam over high heat for 20mins.

Last time my mother taught me to make Brown sugar Huat Kueh ( Chinese steamed cake) using yeast method. But this time i try this metho.

Wajik is a traditional Indonesian snack made with steamed glutinous (sticky) rice and further cooked in palm sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves. The cooked rice is then spread and flatted in a baking tray. Once it cools to room temperature, we cut this into small pieces in the shape …

Wajik - Sticky Rice in Palm Sugar and Pandan Leaves - Daily Cooking Quest

We call it Perkedel Kentang seems like mashed potato fried


Perkedel (adopted from Frikadeller) - Indonesian Potato Patties. Frikadeller is also known in Indonesian cuisine through Dutch cuisine influence and called perkedel, however the ingredients is not meat, but mostly fried mashed potato patties, sometimes