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Batik amarillis's Romancia jacket. #Batik #tenun #kebaya

batik amarillis's romancia jacket Available at batik amarillis webstore…

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batik amarillis's in my pocket's One Size Fits all, versatile item of clothing which made of various traditional textile of Indonesia such as Batiks and ikats. You can tie on the front & tie on the back,the tie allows you to adjust any sizing you need,with two pockets at front to warm your hands !

batik amarillis's in my pocket .it's One Size Fits all, versatile item of…

Ong Shunmugam

Ong Shunmugam

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Batik Amarillis's New Arcana Jacket !AVAILABLE at Batik Amarillis webstore It's very unique & stunning military cropped inspired jacket,this contemporary and yet vintage style is featured with exquisite Mexican embroidery on Raw Tenun Gedog Tuban plus beautiful embroidery adornments on shoulder and sleeve it also features our triangle arcana tassels to complete the whole extravangant work.

Batik Amarillis journey began in as time flies we receive lots of love and appreciation from our customers especially for our unique craftmanship.