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иσтнιиg ℓєѕѕ иσтнιиg мσяє

The human heart - rupi kaur. So true.

Beautiful sunset through forest painting step-by-step.

tengo lo que tengo y soy feliz. Perdi lo que perdí y sigo feliz

milk and honey. i have what i have and i am happy. i've lost what i've lost and i am still happy - outlook - rupi kaur

The Nine Choir of Angels

Explanations & Hierarchy of the 9 Choirs of Angels Soul Painter

Understand the Monsters: Mental Illness Explained Through The Eyes of an Artist.Beautiful art by Toby Allen

Ghosts Wearing Rosaries — Understand the Monsters: Mental Illness Explained.

What are your most common feelings? Mine are Monachopsis and Onism

monachopsis nodus tollens liberosis lachesism exulansis rubatosis mauerbauertraurigkeit jouska things i feel quire often which is weird // jf

Tips for interior designers: customer personality inspiration

(Artist of illustration unknown) Self love/ motivational/inspirational words/quote, live authentic, words of wisdom, thoughts and truths

"You see the person the have the potential to be." ✨ Milk and Honey

Gift and curse.

be easy. take your time. you are coming home. to yourself.

be easy. take your time. you are coming home. --the becoming ~ wing.

Self preservation

Soul mate my ass! I am my soul mate!