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If someone else leaves me I dont know what Ill do.. By the way thank you dad (I hate calling you that) for starting all of this, its your fault why Im scared everyone will just up and leave me.. Ya know kind of how you did? On Christmas? You up and left me and my mom and my brother..

One moment, you are happy with your life and everyone in it. The next, you feel like your life could not get any worse. Life is a big roller coaster ride, and it is not easy. Unfortunately, depression comes along with the territory.

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I would tell him he is not failure and she told him he had a character flaw, a loser, lazy, cheap bastard and not a man.

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I feel that way sometimes when a person tells you that you were doing something terribly wrong or everyone ob the team starts shouting at you "why didn't you do this or this, now we lost because of you.

50 Heart Touching Sad Quotes That Will Make You Cry

Are you looking for some heart touching sad quotes and sayings; Here we have collected for you 50 best heart touching sad quotes.

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This filter is so clean and simple, and I'm loving the thought of using this filter for winter. It has a really minimalist feel to it.

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Female costume design with fantasy elven influences. Owner: jeweledphoenix Only myself and the owner (purchaser) have the right to display the design. You may not use this costume for your characte.