Arch. Sketch

48 Pins
the door is covered in ice and snow
The Murmuring Cottage
an old window covered in snow next to a building
87 Original Winter Paintings on Canvas - Bored Art
a man in a suit and hat walking through an archway with flowers growing on it
To Catch a Thief | Hitchcock Villa Des Bijoux
a snowy day in the city with snow falling on buildings and cars parked along the street
a tree in front of a window covered in snow
Cabin & Cottage
an old brick building on the corner of a street
Stumptown Coffee Shop, Brooklyn NY
two bikes are parked in front of a building with bunting on the outside and windows
Guide – Magical Bookshops
there is a store front with many windows
Black Shopfronts - The Shopkeepers
a lamp post on a cobblestone street with buildings in the background
a painting of a bridge over a body of water in front of a castle like building
Amazing Architectural Water Colors To Showcase Structural Beauty - Bored Art
an old fashioned store front with christmas decorations on display
a large white house with pink trim and arched windows
10 Most Beautiful Buildings in the American Midwest