ayam betutu Bali

This time I want to share you the typical Balinese recipes. Betutu duck is a typical food of Indonesia, from Bali province.

Nasi Kebuli betawi

Nasi Kebuli is a biryani like preparation of ghee, meat and rice from Indonesia. As Indonesia is a melting pot of many different Asian cultures, this biryani has borrowed a little from all Asian countries.

sate Madura

chicken satay (sate ayam) and cake rice (lontong) and peanut sauce (sambal kacang) .

Nasi Tumpeng

Nasi Tumpeng, An equivalent of cake in Indonesia. Eaten during celebration only.

Pisang gapit Kalimantan

Pisang gapit Kalimantan

Soto Betawi

Soto Betawi: different with Soto Mie, there are no noodles in this Soto, but kind of vermicelli and emping (indonesians chips) Food


Sekoteng are native beverages Central Java,Indonesia. Sekoteng is the usual ginger flavored drink was served hot.


Buras (from Makassar, Indonesia), rice wrapped in banana leaf cooked with coconut milk and sprinkled with powdered coconut similar to serundeng.