Secrets Behind Praying on Time


Secrets Behind Praying on Time.Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently

Science Notebooking.... lots of ideas for creating and using science notebooks in a classroom

Behold, the Awesome Science of Mind Mapping (an infographic for teaching/using mindmapping)

"A person's tongue can give you the taste of his heart." - Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah #Islam #Quote #Manners

"A person's tongue can give you the taste of his heart." - Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah

Islamic Daily: Promise

The Quran-Coaching is the best platform for the quran learning by taking online…


Beautiful Quran Quotes for daily reminder and motivation. Come with visually-compelling pictures. Uplift Your Spirit. Strengthen Your Iman.

So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it. Surah Zalzala | Verse 07

These inspirational and beautiful Islamic Quotes will inspire you and reconnect you with Allah and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him.

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I wish i cud pull this look off.

قُلْ يَا عِبَادِيَ الَّذِينَ أَسْرَفُوا عَلَىٰ أَنْفُسِهِمْ لَا تَقْنَطُوا مِنْ رَحْمَةِ اللَّهِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَغْفِرُ الذُّنُوبَ جَمِيعًا ۚ إِنَّهُ هُوَ الْغَفُورُ الرَّحِيمُ الزمر[53]

Do not despair of the mercy of Allah — Quran © Motaz Al Tawil

We get caught up in this life and don't even realize that in the end, none of it will matter except for what is in out hearts.

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"O Allah, remove from my heart the love of everything not beloved to You.

One of My favorite verse— Quranic verse 93:3 of Surah Ad-Dhuha

One of My favorite verse— Quranic verse of Surah Ad-Dhuha

Life Of My Heart — bismillah brush lettering

Start Everything with Bismillah.

AR RAHEEM i invoke and call you by all your beautiful names,i am not GOD,i beg you for forgivenesssafety,kindness,mercy,raza,help, to take an easy reckoning, save me from the hellfire,from the torment of the grave from the angels of wrath from the azab of hashr from badnaseeb ,curses,devils. to grant me jannatulfirdose a khushnaseeb to save me from every wrath , najaat dilade is zillat ki zindagi se AL MUJIB,apne arsh ke saye mein meri panahga banade i fear you and your wrath,breakidols…

"Allah grants stability to those who believe." -- {The Holy Quran

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Life Of My Heart — quran quotes and prints

Allah's Test: Hajar

God/Allah's Test: Hajar with her baby in the desert all alone, mother of Ishmael

Life Of My Heart — Quran quotes inspiration <3

Life Of My Heart — Quran quotes inspiration

Prophet Muhammad's Principles of Communication -

The word communication generally means “the transfer of information” in a defined criterion whereby sender of the message is able to convey its point to the intended receiver.