Java -  Woodbury & Page  C. 1850-60

JAVA WOODBURY (WALTER BENTLEY) and JAMES PAGE. Two albums comprising a total of 60 topographical views and portraits in Java, predominantly in and around Batavia, together with 29 loose photographs, also from the Woodbury & Page studio, a few

Javanese Warrior Spearman & Swordsman (c. 1910 CE Java)

Antique and Classic Photographic Images. Java, Dutch India (Indies), ca 1910 (Actors).

Indonesia, Sumatra ~ Ternyata Foto Asli Cut Nyak Dien Pahlawan Aceh Berhijab

Indonesia, Sumatra ~ Cut Nyak Dien , the fighter against Duch army , 1873

Werkudara & Arjuna ~ Indonesian performers, Wayang Wong ~ Java ~ Indonesia ~ c1923-1926

old-indische: Indonesian performers, Wayang Wong ~ Java ~ Indonesia ~

old-indische: Series of Balinese Woman. This is why long time ago they called Bali as Island of Paradise.

A group of Balinese girl - Bali - Series of Balinese Woman.

A Javanese prince with two servants (c. 1865-1870) Tropenmuseum

A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia - 25 Photos Taken Pre-1920

During the rise of VOC (Dutch East India Company) power starting in the century, many Javanese were exiled, enslaved or hired as mercenaries to Dutch colonies of Ceylon in South Asia and the Cape colony in South Africa.

Masked men of the theater acting in "Topéing", Java (c. 1900-1920) - US Library Of Congress

A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia - 25 Photos Taken Pre-1920

Masked Men of the Theater Acting in "Topéing," Java, Indonesia Description This photograph of a theatrical performance in the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) is from the Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection at the Library of Congress.

Sumatra, Indonesia, Nias warrior

Indonesia, Nias warior ~ Nīas (Indonesian: Pulau Nias, Nias language: Tanö Niha) is an island off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Nias (Kepulauan Nias) is also the name of the archipelago, including the small Hinako Islands.