Ferdian Marola

Ferdian Marola

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Ferdian Marola
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clarks trojan edition

Mens Originals Shoes - Trojan Trek in Tan Leather from Clarks Originals

fred perry

Fred Perry creating a new kind of 'check' with all of these colours (maybe more) and having the logo in every square, being the same colour as it would be on different coloured tshirts


The “Guinness is Good For You” advertising campaign began in the after market research studies claimed that people felt good after drinking a pint of Guinness. Haha that's some good market research! Also, I need this poster

tebak kucingnya ada brp ?

kitty cat photography girl cute eyes sexy hot weird wtf vintage bedroom Model bed eye hug strange retro woman shirtless look hotel odd looking Black Cat Kitsch motel femal i see you kitch