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11 Uses for Vinegar Around the Coop -- Community Chickens. Use white vinegar to keep down mites, fungus, etc on your chickens and keep your coop clean!

11 Uses for Vinegar Around the Coop | Community Chickens

by Jennifer Sartell The other day I was at the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping, so I always make a list so I can get what I need and get out of there as fast as possible. Sometimes I feel like grocery shopping is like bumper boats with shopping carts, only you have to …

Keep your Chooks Happy and Healthy by Making them a Chicken Jungle Gym #buildingachickencoop

Keep your backyard chickens healthy by building them a jungle gym!

Exercise is as important to chickens as it is to humans. Just like us, they get weak and unhappy when they don't get enough of the physical activity that their bodies need. Now chickens raised in backyards usually lack exercise. This is because their space is limited and backyards often are ...

Golden Laced Polish Chicken

Polish Chickens

Allow me to present a truly magnificent breed of show chickens! Polish chickens are known for their plumage—especially their splendid bouffant crests. Despite the name, Polish chickens were appare…

oh these great chickens ... fashionistas i say

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Impacted, Slow and Sour Crops - Prevention and Treatments - BackYard Chickens Community

Sour Crop, Impacted Crop, Doughy Crop - Prevention and Treatments of Crop disorders

Crops And Their Story Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treating Crop Issues The Crop. Just what IS a Crop, what do they do and why do birds have them? Anatomy of a Crop: The Crop is a muscular pouch located on the right side of a birds lower neck or...

White Polish Chicken-WHAT THE HELL!  if this thing cawed at me Id scream out of fear!

Exotic Chickens Add Varity And Spice To A Backyard Flock

Top hats and feathered feet,and other funky looking exotic chickens.

How to Give a Chicken a Bath

How and When to Give a Chicken a Bath

You may need to bathe your chicken. Bathing a chicken is a lot like bathing an infant or a dog- the most important thing is to prevent drowning while accomplishing the objective with reasonable speed

Brahma cockerel (Source: Omlet)

Breed of the Week: Brahma

Brahmas are often known as the “King of chickens” because of their large size and upright stature. The breed was first developed in America after very large birds were imported from Shanghai. Becau…

The Polish also called Poland is a European breed of chickens known for its crest of feathers. Description from I searched for this on

White Crested Blue Polish Cockerel by Karon Melillo DeVega

White Crested Blue Polish Cockerel Photograph by Karon Melillo DeVega