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I love Jinkook relationship, I love that Jin lets JK feel so comfortable and they act up together all the time

Does this mean they've been commenting under our noses?

Imagem de gif, bts, and korea

Being small has its advantages; like hiding in small places and riding a tricycle

When i saw JK cry, seriously i wanted to hug him and say yes you deserve it! Im a proud noona

Awwwwww jungkook is crying awwww sweet jungkookie and jiminie is like "awww sweet baby"

Same, Jimin>.<   Why does it feel like that was the ultimate insult!!!???

I love Jimin so much,///// "first you say I got no jams now I'm just flip flops? *gasps*" //// 😂😂 Army's are just as hilarious as bangtan omg you my home skillets

and that is what we call friendship goals people...ONLY ARMY will understand

and that is what we call friendship goals people. But to me its sad when they only ship only two of the maknaes why not all three