"soto ayam (Indonesian Food)." Don't think I've ever had any but this looks yummm. Let's try it ;)

"soto ayam" (literally translates from Indonesian as chicken soup).

Tahu Gejrot Cirebon – Fried Tofu in Chili Soy Sauce

Tahu Gejrot Cirebon Fried Tofu in Chili Soy Sauce Recipe recipes - Social Cooking Engine

Serabi (Indonesian Rice Pancakes)

Serabi (indonesian rice pancakes) for the pancakes: 125 gr rice flour 30 gr plain flour tsp salt 150 ml coconut milk, boiling 1 tsp baking powder vanilla and/or pandan extract (optional)

Cendol coconut drink with brown sugar and green jelly pudding Indonesian drink

I wish I made better photos, but the ice quickly melts! After hundreds of grams of rice and tapioca flour wasted, underarm pains and swea.

BUBUR SUMSUM BIJI SALAK #IndonesianFood #makanan #Indonesia.

Bubur Sumsum Biji Salak - Indonesian sweet potato balls in palm sugar syrup and coconut milk

Es teler, my favorite Indonesian dessert! If only I had fresh jackfruit in Providence...

Same, Same…but Different!

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