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Jilbab Cantik

QARIN JIN PENDAMPING MANUSIA QARIN (قرين) adalah jin yang diciptakan oleh Allah sebagai pendamping atau kembaran setiap manusia. Setiap anak manusia yg lahir ke dunia lahir beserta qarinnya sendiri tak terkecuali Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam. Hanya saja qarin Rasulullah itu Muslim sedang yg lain-lainnya kafir. Dlm sebuah hadits riwayat lmam Ahmad dan lbn Hibban dari Abdullah ibn Mas'ud radhiyallahu anhu Rasulullah bersabda: "Tiadalah seorang pun di antara kalian kecuali pasti…

a family that prays and recite Quran together, brings family closer to Allah SWT. just that family. may Allah SWT make me a good role model for my future childrens insyaAllah.

Inshallah. I love this. This is by far the most adorable thing i've seen all day

Paper dolls representing the games and features that are in the average girl magazines? Hidden away on shelfs or small envelopes placed on the plinths? Or envelope bunting?

Paperdoll Again, Boy & Girl

Ines said on my previous Paperdoll Project that the girls in her class loved the paperdoll, but the boys also wanted some to play! :D So here I'll post them ^^ Sorry for taking so long for blogging, too lazy to think what's next to write on Tealovecoffee *lazy syndrome*. Sometimes I just feel like losing my creativity, hahaha :p Free Printable Hijab Girl Paperdoll The girl version, click for larger image Free Printable Boy Paperdoll The boy version, click for larger image *Sorry for not…

Every day I sin, with His mercy He hides them. I am helpless against my habit, He’s famous for his mercy. Islamic Inspirational Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Truth Quotes, Life Quotes, Think Deeply, All About Islam, Islam Religion, Islamic Videos, Allah Islam
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