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a woman in a business suit standing with her arms crossed
佐藤美和子|警視庁|キャラクター | 名探偵コナン | 読売テレビ
the wedding party is standing in front of an open window with their hands up and holding pumpkins
an anime scene with several people standing in front of a table and two men talking to each other
>Detective Boys<
two men and a woman standing in front of a window looking at something on the wall
#detectiveconan #Movie22 #ZeroTheEnforcer #名探偵コナン #ゼロの執行人
an animated image of a man in a suit and tie looking at another man's face
an animated image of three people with one holding the other's arm around another person
an anime scene with people sitting on the floor
three people standing around each other with one person covering his face in front of them
#detective conan #episode1034 #名探偵コナン
two men standing next to each other in front of a building and one man is holding an umbrella
an anime poster with many different people in the same group, including one woman and two men