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the bright light is shining brightly in the dark night sky with only one eye visible
an image of a blue light in the middle of a dark background with lines on it
the blue flame is glowing in the dark
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에너지 공,특효,빛 효과,게임 품새,에너지 공
a blue circle with lightning in the middle
Study explains the mystery of ball lightning
(—Sightings of ball lightning have been made for centuries around the world – usually the size of a grapefruit and lasting up to twenty seconds – but no explanation of how it occurs has been universally accepted by science.
a bus is driving down the street in the rain at night with its lights on
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an orange with flames in the shape of a flower on a black background is shown
Exploding Planet 2 - Photoshop Tutorials
i like the fact that the image looks futuristic
an image of a hand print in the middle of fire
Because it takes time for light to travel to earth it means that when you look at the sun your actually seeing what it looked like 8 minuets ago because that light took 8 minuets to reach us. Not to try and scare you but the sun could actually be exploding right now and we wouldnt know anything about it until its light finally reached us....8 minuets later. To take this a step further everything that you see around you in the world isnt actually what the world looks like right now but its what