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Sehun ‘CAFE UNIVERSE"#EXO #WINTER #Cafe_Universe

Xiumin and Sehun are serving you a cup of hot coffee in episode 1 of EXO's 'Cafe Universe' teaser videos!In the teaser video above for EXO's upcomin…

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Xiumin ‘Cafe Universe’#EXO #WINTER #Cafe_Universe

exo's upcoming winter album, ' cafe universe' is sooo xiumin's style, hope he's happy about that ♡

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Kai ' CAFE UNIVERSE' #EXO #WINTER #Cafe_Universe

i searched the universe. and found that kai is the only one who can pull off this concept

Chanyeol "CAFE UNIVERSE"#EXO #WINTER #Cafe_Universe

171217 The special winter album 'Universe' - IMG Teaser


i kinda find kyungsoo shooting up my bias list cuz hes so fking adorable i just cant