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This is one of the most common tattoos or images associated with Norse or Viking culture. Odin is a well-known character in Norse tradition and mythology.

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>>...Old vikings never die. They just go to Valhalla and regroup...》》...]| Repinned from Viking Tattoo by ~strangeris on deviantART |[...

the client came with remis tattoo already made viking didn& want to do exact piece,so made my own version of it.

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This tattoo picture "Buddha Sleeve" is one of many tattoo ideas listed in the Religious Tattoos category. Feel free to browse other tattoo ideas in the rel

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Vikings are some of the coolest figures in history and led to some of the most influential impacts on pop culture today. Norse mythology inspired the creation of the superhero Thor and his villainous brother, Loki, and the Viking culture. [ read more ]

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