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Stranger Things Theories That Will Melt Your Mind Like Butter on an Eggo | E! Online Mobile

The Teens of 'Stranger Things' on Unaired Kisses and Their Epic Love Triangle

Eleven is back...

Eleven is back...

L || Eleven phone wallpaper || Stranger Things

Eleven wallpaper for your device

Sleeveless tops for summer

Sleeveless tops for summer (Pretty Top)

Yu Nagaba on Instagram: “Charlie Brown & Snoopy. #charliebrown #snoopy…

I went to sleep and woke up with Snoopy and Charlie on my pillow as a boy.

줄무늬 커플

줄무늬 커플

This poster for the movie 'Her' corroberates with the poster for the Catfish Documentary. As both incorperate pixelation, referring to the uncertainty of technoligically driven relationships, whether they be online or with a high intelligent operating system.

Her joaquin phoenix ela

영화 'her' 리디자인 - 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이션

man delucions is sadly :(

Eternal sunshine

Eternal sunshine

La La Land - review and illustration by Jackie Diedam

La La Land - illustration by Jackie Diedam