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an anime character sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and one foot in the air
clothes character design
an anime character with long purple hair and black clothes, holding a bird in her hand
I will design characters concept art
If you like drawing, art and anime, what are you waiting for, follow me !!!
an anime character with white hair and purple eyes wearing a black cloak, standing next to another
Bring Characters to Life: Drawing and Design Ideas.
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a drawing of a man with antlers on his head and scarf around his neck
Damn this prompt is too long
a man with deer antlers wearing thick clothing in winter, roughly sketched, concept art for anime character, full body with snowy village background
two female characters are standing side by side, one is wearing green and the other has black
Zombie Apocalypse Clothes Drawing
outfit apocalypse deviantart post tyan yuichi outfits closed auction anime apocalyptic spy clothes