Keeping this in view, fashion designers and brands have to launch fascinating collections of Abaya designs and different Hijab styles 2017 which are appreciated

These Hijab Clad Women Will Teach You A Thing Or Two About Fashion - High-low dress - Dainty femme

Love love love how well these layers seem to work - would never jave tried skinny jeans, high-low dress and leather jacket all in one outfit.

Why have I never thought about flannel under a low-high sweater? I love it. #hijab

We pay tribute to Hipster Hijabis' 18 coolest OOTD pics, to inspire anyone who dresses modestly for religious reasons — or just loves a good maxi skirt.

Vintage Blazer, Dr. Martens Doc's #hijab

Vintage Blazer, Dr. Martens Doc's #hijab