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Kris Is Perfect

KRIS Wae you so perfect~! kekeke well he is a very perfect person and we should love Kris no matter what~ Love Ya Kris~!


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LOL KrisYeol

Kris holding miniature Chanyeols, sorta creepy in a cute way

lol Sehun what are you doing #exo not my gif credit to owner

Hahaha I love the way tao is trying his hardest not to look at him nawwwwwww how I miss him and sehun perfect 😂👌💜

sehun chen baekhyun

HQ [scans] EXO ‘XOXO’ album contents photo, released on 130603 - - Minus

Hahaha typical (gif)

Our fandom seriously needs to slow down on that crack usage. i died laughing again got alive n to pin it hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Exo Couples <3

only six exo couples. But my favorites are Hunhan, Taoris, Kaisoo and Baekyeol