♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style #hijabtutorial

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Hijab tutorial

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Beautiful Hijab Tutorial – 8 Steps

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30+ Hijab Styles Step by Step - Style Arena

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Hijab tutorial ♥ Muslimah fashion hijab style

This is the perfect "hijab with folds" classic look, we've seen many bloggers wearing it, it looks beautiful and everyone can choose how many folds or volume they want, this look is very easy and quick to make, with no…

Tutorial Duo Paris model Wig - Dorie Shop

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Day 11 - I think I'm finally getting the hang of hijab pins - I guess I finally figured out how to get rid of the, erm, creases that happen when you tie the scarf from the back. HIJAB PINS TO THE RESCUE!! lol ... this was a good look for me; did it in 2 rounds - 1st time around, did Step 3 from the opposite side, and both times it worked pretty well :)

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