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Being analytical and searching for the deeper meaner is not a bad thing. It's smart. Listen to your gut, always.

You Won't Believe What This 89-Year-Old Gymnast Can Do

Believe in yourself. Remember how far you have come. Check out my new blog misskerrieburke.blogspot.ie

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African American Grecian Bridesmaid dresses

Blog OMG I'm Engaged - Idéias de presentes para madrinhas de casamento. Bridesmaid gift box.

beautiful red hibiscus,palm fronds, white sandy beach & turquoise water....could you ask for anything more?

I need to remind myself of this. The pinner said "My mom told me a few weeks ago that one of my grandfathers lines of wisdom is," take care of yourself, nobody else is going to." I have thought about this ideal every day since then. Wise man." I thought that was pretty smart :)

Join Greatist's 30-Day Self-Care Challenge!

Monthly Challenge Self Care...doing this!! Self-Care is sooo important but we often neglect it. Especially those of us who are in caring work-fields we tend to care for others over ourselves.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life... - Steve Jobs

Favorite Things Friday -

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