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Amagami SS+ Plus

Amagami SS+: Complete Collection - Amagami SS+: Complete Collection So far, Junichi Tachibana has been luckier than any guy has any right to be, getting to experience what it would be like t (Movie Shack) (Releases On DVD) (New Releases For DVD)

Darker than Black

Watch Darker Than Black Online English Dubbed Subbed for Free. Stream Darker Than Black Episodes at AnimeFreak.TV: Darker Than Black Resource



Fairy Tail

Originating in Japan, anime has become a popular form of entertainment all around the world. In the US and other Western cultures, the term “anime” can rel


The action-comedy and best parody anime Gintama was confirmed to get a live-action film this coming


Since I know that you love the ingeniously-plotted Durarara, I've collected some anime titles that can be deemed worthy of being close to this treasure. And so, here's the list of Anime like Durarara!