id / well, I'm just an ordinary girl. i heart ice cream more than you
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I thought this was akakuro... is it? Lol

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Akabane Karma.god hes so sexy

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"Akabane Karma" "Kayano Kaede" "Shiota Nagisa" "Sugaya Sousuke"

Ansatsu no Kyoshitsu

Akabane Karma & Shiota Nagisa || Assassination Classroom

Guys, I saw my old posts about Carnage Pair! Thanks so much for spreading it…

Assassination Classroom ansatsu Kyoushitsu akabane karma

Child that must be protected. Even tho he could probably kill me with his pinky finger lol

Pixiv Id 7041514, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Akabane Karma, Hood, Cat Hood, Baby

Pixiv Id Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Akabane Karma, Hood, Cat Hood, Baby

Karma nagisa | ansatsu kyoushitsu

AU, what if Karma and Nagisa's personality is switched? Nagisa is the one that blackmails everyone and likes to beat delinquents. Karma is the shy, prodigal assassin. But I'm wondering what will happen if it's Karma that's androgynous.