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Fadhil Ramadhan

Fadhil Ramadhan
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Mi piacciono i numeri tagliati dalle linee verticali: questo stile potrebbe essere utilizzato, più che per il nome dell'evento che è troppo lungo, per la data in cui si svolge.

Poster for concert of Gustav Holst's The Planets. The concept for the poster's graphic use of numbers evolved out of listening to the section Mars and the different movements over its six minutes._design by Daniel Ray Cole


It's simple and the typeface contrasts with it making it appealing to the eye.

"Feel The Night - Hope To Light" [大垣市コレクション展], At 'Suitopia Center', (Ogaki Collection Exposition), Poster, - Graphic Design Unknown.


Flora (n.) Origin—from Flora, Roman goddess of flowers Definition—plant life; plants of a particular region or period Ex.—Pollution is harming not only the residents in the city but also its flora and fauna.