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Each cake stand is made in Ohio at Mosser Glass, a family-owned company that uses decades-old molds and splashy colors to breathe new life into classic designs.
Color flint glass
Optional clear glass dome
Made in Ohio by a family-owned company
Molded, pressed, hardened, and polished by hand
Swirls and slight color variations make each one-of-a-kind
Vintage-style design
You’re going to get lots of enthusiastic questions once this cake stand is on the dessert table, so we’ll fill you in on all the details. It’s hand-poured (and shatter-resistant!) resin up top, which explains how it got those swirls you see. And down below? It’s resin that’s been finished off in a terra-cotta glaze for a two-tonal look. It clocks in at 12 inches across, and now for the icing on the cake: It’s a Shop exclusive, so you’ll only find it here.
These cooling grids are there to set the stage. They’re nonstick, so they won’t try to harm your precious creations. And since that copper-plated finish won’t chip, rust, warp, or tarnish, you bet they’ll be sticking around for a while. The icing on the cake: In that round silhouette, these are great for serving, too!

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