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a close up of a green and yellow insect on a white background with the caption's name below it
a close up of a butterfly on a plant with dirt in the background and rust colored wall behind it
Пёстрый мир бабочек
an image of a mantisca surrounded by flowers and cherries with red eyes
Milsae — 사마귀
an image of some kind of spider
an old book with drawings of different types of animals and their skeleton parts on it
an insect is shown in this antique illustration from the book, insects and other things
the wings of a butterfly on a white background
Two cicada wings stock photo. Image of wings, detailed - 3247248
close up photos of insect wings | Two Cicada Wings Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 3247248
a yellow and black dragonfly on a white background
Richard Lewington
Richard Lewington
Dragonfly Tattoo, Dragonfly Illustration, Dragonfly Art
a brown bug sitting on top of a leaf
Leaf Insect - The Phantom - FactZoo.com
The ancient Leaf insect, with its incredible camouflage, is nearly impossible to tell apart from the rainforest vegetation. Grouped together with stick insects as phasmids in the order Phasmida, the name comes from the Greek "phasma" meaning phantom