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Winter princess with snowflake tiara by manga artist Macoto Takahashi.

ask Submit a post Artwork from the Japanese artist Macoto Takahashi.

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child of light

Child of Light. A rare combination of amazing music, vivid drawing and colours, shakespearean poetry, classical story-telling, deep but simple message and my favourite japanese turn-based battle system.

Omg this is amazing! I want this so bad!

Amazing bird and flowers

Sandrivishtai by on @deviantART -Her best friend lay on the warm stone ground, her blood seeping between the cracks. They had both been Guardians, keepers of the Stones of Peace. Now she was dead, her stone passed on. Tasha gazed at her through bleary eyes.... People had said they looked like sisters.

A mystical detective investigates a murder scene. This character reminds me of the Inquisitives in Dungeons and Dragons Eberron setting.

This is another OC of Cederien, the Dark Elf Melandra. The format/composition is a little off in this one, because it's required for a special purpose. The level of detail is pretty high thoug...

Escape the Imperial City by Dennis Fröhlich (Jorsch)

Wizard by Craig J Spearing

f Wizard w Owl Familiar Staff Mage Wars Alternate Wizard

Old Human Wizard - Pathfinder male hat staff dagger cloth robe

fantasy merchant - Google Search

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia official art “Barlowe” [Artist unknown]

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Leader of the Lucharan Duchy, who resides in Drakeheart Castle in Brindinford.