Batik itu Asli Indonesia. Jangan ngaku-ngaku deh ah.  Kayak tetangga sebelah tuh > mau disebutin, tapi terlalu frontal. Hahaha kasihan sama tetangga.

The Kind of Design Althought Central Java is the centre of Javanese Batik, the design evolves according to the part of the region where i.

The History of Wayang Kulit in Java | Java Indonesia Surabaya Tour Operator, Tour Travel Agency

Wayang is an ancient Javanese word meaning “shadow” or “ghost.” It is also the name for the traditional sacred dramas of Java and Bali. There are seven main forms of wayang, but wayang kulit, or shadow-puppet theater,

Javanese alphabet (Carakan) Part II - Akṣara for writing Old Javanese: To write old Javanese some of the letters are aspirated. The arrangement of consonants is based on standard Sanskrit.

Javanese alphabet, pronunciation and language