Jihad, it has nothing to do with war. AstaughfirAllah . The aspect is striving in every way for the cause of Goodness for the Sake of God.

Jihad is fighting with yourself to constantly be a better person. Stop believing the media lies DesertRose,,, عبر قرآنية

say Alhamdulillahb setiap saat

A TRUE Muslim will say this beautiful word MANY times in a day. Alhamdulilah means, "Praise Be to God." And we thank Allah for everything, Alhamdulilah .

اذا كانت مريم العذراء تلبس خمارا في كل صورها، كيف يمكنم الطلب مني الامضاء على قانون منع الحجاب.....روبرتو ماروني..وزير ايطالي.

"If Virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all her pictures, how can you ask me to sign on a hijab ban?

Aesthetically Islamic

I hate when people say wear a hijab to stop people from judging you by your looks. But when you do wear a hijab people think you're too religious and unapproachable.

Tunique Young:hijab et capuche intégré

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Check out this easy hijab style you can wear daily for work, school or a casual day out, this style works better with plain hijabs, you can pick up any color of your choice and make it spruce up anything…

Awesome Side Draped Hijab Tutorial

Side draped hijab styles are the most popular not only among young women but for all Hijabis in gene.