As a Christian living in this world, we have a serious menace that comes from evil. Indeed, the evil one is not represented as a creatures in the underworld. That evil who has already existed since the beginning of this world is eager to insinuate ourselves continuously. The point is, he will not cease his deceptive act until we relinquish our faith in Jesus and no longer follow The Lord.

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do not hesitate when God asks every single of us to walk on the water. Kindly accept His invitation and experience a marvelous thing with Him

In which—Phew!—any Progress in the Spiritual Life is Dependent on Grace rather than our Efforts.

It is well-acknowledged that every people, especially Christians should behave in a good ways. It is mandatory to show respect and to love each other. What is written in the book of Titus depicts the importance of doing the good things

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Bible describes us like a sheep that has gone astray due to we tend to take our own way. Moreover, in fact, we are eager to walk swiftly and rashly even though we are heading to the Death Valley.

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In the book of Genesis, The Lord said to Abram to leave his country and heading to a place that Abram had not known yet. Albeit The Lord did not give Abram a specific path in advanced, Abram still obeyed The Lord and traversed to that unknown place. Overall, in Abram's story, we have already known that through his obedience, he had received a marvelous blessing from God.

The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you [Gen .